Nordisk Film Cinema introduces new digital film technology

Increasing the level of recognition

How do you successfully launch a new technology as the first in your industry? As the first chain of cinemas to introduce digital movie projection technology in Denmark, Nordisk Film Cinemas wanted to communicate the increased value to their guests. Through a naming process and a new visual identity we positioned Nordisk Film Cinemas as the leading actor in the industry. To secure a strong competitive advantage, we communicated the new technology in a trailer production that was shown before each movie.

It has made a big difference for us. Our cinemas has a stronger position in the mind of the customers because we have communicated an innovative and modern message. John Tønnes
CEO at Nordisk Film Cinemas

Developing a brand strategy

To position Nordisk Film Cinemas as the leading actor in the industry, we developed a brand strategy that focused on the characteristics of the new technology. We based the strategy on Nordisk Film Cinemas' value of delivering a show, and promoted how the new technology delivered improved picture quality and numerous different colors. This combination communicated the added value of the technology and strengthened the differentiation from competitors in the industry. As a result Nordisk Film Cinemas secured the competitive advantage and created the wanted brand perception among the audience.

Finding a new name

To anchor the new technology, we carried out an extensive naming process to determine a name for the technology that generated the right associations in the mind of the audience. The name "Digital Cinema” was chosen due to its appeal to both movie enthusiasts and regular cinema guests. Furthermore, it underlined the characteristics of the new technology by indicating its ability to show billions of colors in a 100 % steady picture. The new name “Digital Cinema” has an international feel and a link to Hollywood and show business, which helped strengthen the image of Nordisk Film Cinemas.

We wanted to find a name that signaled the new experience. Both movie nerds and regular guests should understand it, but it should also have a Hollywood-feel. Nikolaj Stagis
CEO & Founder Stagis A/S

A colorful visual identity

Having determined the new name for the digital technology, we created a visual identity that illustrated how the new technology generates numerous different colors while delivering a 100 % steady picture. The improved quality was communicated to the audience through the front-end staff in the cinemas, along with brochures and a trailer.

The new visual identity took its point of departure in how the new technology uses the three primary colors: red, green and blue. The visual identity consisted of complementary colors to the primary colors. The individual logo element symbolizes the oval shape of spotlights and holds a direct reference to entertainment and show. The mobility of the logo signals the dynamic nature of the new technology and illustrates the combination of complementary colors in an aesthetically beautiful way.

Nordiskfilm Logo
T Shirt Mockup V3
Nordiskfilm Folder1 L V2

A creative trailer production

We took advantage of the cinema format and produced a creative trailer that ran in all 18 of Nordisk Film Cinemas. The purpose of the trailer was to communicate the characteristics of the digital technology in one simple campaign.

The trailer tapped into the universe of James Bond. The pay-off “Digital Cinema - not shaken, not stirred” drew parallels to both the old legacy of movie making and the 100 % steady picture delivered by the new digital technology. The idea and storyboard for the trailer illustrated the technological characteristics in a ‘don’t tell it – show it'-approach and created the right pre-movie excitement.

When I saw it on the storyboard I was insecure, but when I saw the final result I had no doubt. Keep it simple. John Tønnes
CEO of Nordisk Film Cinemas

The combination of different communication platforms ensured a consistent line of communication that exposed the quests to the same message in different places. When supported by the right communication activities, one creative campaign lifted the Nordisk Film Cinema brand and created a competitive advantage that secured a leading position in the industry.