Increasing sales for
Sophion Bioscience with
customer centric website

Boosting business digitally

We developed a new brand position and a customer centric website that significantly increased the number of requests to buy a product at Sophion Bioscience. Within four months after the website was launched, Sophion received four new requests from potential customers.

Since the new website was launched, we have experienced an impressive increase in the number of requests for pricing and tenders. The new website has indeed optimized our sales noticeable and created a unique position for us in the market. Thomas Binzer
Vice President of R&D and Marketing, Sophion Bioscience

Sophion Bioscience delivers ion channel technology to some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. A product is worth more than one million kroner, which means that making a sale is a big deal. Increasing sales through a website isn’t easy, but it’s definitely possible. 

V1 Sophion Mobil

New brand position

When Sophion separated from their mother company Biolin Scientific, they needed to find their own identity and position in the market. Based on an explorative workshop with Sophion and an analysis of their identity, we identified four potential strategic positions for their new brand:

  1. The ion channels specialist
    The leading specialist within ion channels guaranteeing the best solution to the customers’ specific needs.
  2. Optimizing product development 
    The alternative that optimizes the customers’ test periods and development of new products.
  3. The long-term partnership
    A long-term partner that helps the customer through relations, quick, and effective service.
  4. Enabling the customer 
    The alternative that makes the customers’ job easy – before, during, and after the purchase. 

We decided to focus on the first brand position The ion channels specialist. Based on that we designed and developed the new website to communicate Sophion as the leading ion channel specialist.

Customer centric website

The website was designed to drive sales by being user-oriented and getting customers to contact Sophion. One of the key challenges for Sophion is that the ion channel area is very complex. That makes it difficult for Sophions customers to identify the right product for their specific need and area of work. We turned the user interface upside down and created a user journey based on the customers knowledge and needs.

V1 Sophion Website

Instead of making the user navigate in different types of ion channel products, the front page of the website only presents the user with two entries to the field of ion channels; disease area-based and product-based. This allows the user to easily find the relevant product information based on what disease area they work in or what technology they are looking for. 

Unique brandstyle in navigation

We designed a series of icons for the different disease areas within Sophion’s expertise. The icons make it easy for the customers to quickly find relevant information on the website, because they can look for the icon that illustrates the area they work in.

V1 Sophion Diseases Jpg

Identifying potential customers

To boost sales, we implemented “call to action” elements on every relevant page. On all product related pages, we placed a contact button and the opportunity to request the price on the specific product right away. This simple function is easy to forget, but is important for Sophion and helps the company identify new leads and arrange face-to-face meetings with potential customers. Through a smart use of internal links, the user is easily guided to relevant information, such as related products, recent publications, and other areas of application to maintain and foster the curiosity. 

Sophion Logo


The visual expression of the website was designed by interpreting Sophions existing visual elements. The design compliments the logo and differentiates Sophion from relevant competitors.

V1 Sophion Typografi


The typography is elegant and reflects a modern company. The blue line integrates the brand with the text on the website by adding the blue element from the logo.

V1 Sophion Farver


The light blue is the primary color in the brand identity, and expresses a dynamic and professional business. It is complimented by a green and orange that make the brand dynamic. The shades of grey gives the brand a calm and modern feel.

Express the brand

As a specialist brand, Sophion has detailed technological knowledge, and manage to reduce otherwise complex operations into easily operated products. We illustrate this through close-up photos that focus on the details of the products. 

V1 Sophion Navigation

We developed full-scale pack shots of the products in a clean environment to create the same sophisticated look as the rest of Sophion’s new website. Combined, the new photos emphasize Sophion’s position as the leading specialists.

Sophion2 Carousel 3

Sophion2 Carousel 1

Sophion2 Carousel 4

Sophion2 Carousel 2

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