Helping people into employment through green work

Authentic purpose

Helping people into employment by delivering green plants to businesses. That’s the simple sustainable idea behind the new foundation VOKS. We helped translate the purpose into everyday use through a focused narrative and a new visual identity.

Defining future purpose

The new foundation and social enterprise VOKS (”Grow” in Danish) focuses on the personal growth of vulnerable people in council housing area Hedemarken. By participating in the production of plants and decorations that are delivered to local businesses, marginalised locals can train for a regular job. The plants are combined and fit creatively in recycled pots, substituting cut flowers for offices. As companies get living plants delivered on subscription they lower the environmental impact of flower production.

The local and green workplace that helps vulnerable people into employment Vision of the foundation

The new core narrative of VOKS

Most companies have many competencies, advantages and unique selling points, but find it hard to chose one – or just a few – as the basis for their brand storytelling. We helped focus the core narrative which holds the essence of the business and guides strategic decisions. The narrative also sets the direction for the future development of the brand and communication initiatives.

Brand design

The visual identity translates the VOKS brand idea into everyday life. We created the new logotype, graphic plant patterns, typography, use of colour and visualizations of the concrete use in the daily work of the company.

Expressing the roots of VOKS

The idea of VOKS has grown out of a housing area that is a bit rough on the edges. And so is the work as well as the people the company is aiming at. The work is all about plants, soil, recycled pots – it’s practical and physical. But it’s also about the beauty and seeing both plants and people unfold their potentials.

The VOKS brand balances the roughness of the neighbourhood where the brand has its roots and the beauty of people and plants that grow. And if you look at the logotype there is a hidden secret. The O and K shapes form a person as the central figure of the identity. Nikolaj Stagis

Guiding the visual brand

The new visual expression of VOKS is translated into simple guidelines that help the organization keep a consistent look and feel. Easy guiding principles helping the right feeling of the identity on its way as well as a few examples will help the organization and collaborators well into the future.

Brand delivered

A workplace that turns plants and pots into decorations, is a very physical brand. It’s a wood layered building with workspace and a shop, it’s aprons that can make new employees proud. It’s a large cargo van. And it’s boxes and bags for delivery to business customers.

Infinite possibilities for activation

Illustrations of plants and the palet of vivid colours give endless possibilities to express the brand in different contexts and approach different audiences. The brand can accommodate serious business as well as a humorous invitation – all connected through a clear conceptual and graphic language.

Transform your brand

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