We transform companies into purposeful brands by developing organizational culture, visual design and corporate communication.

How we approach your corporate branding process

We create authentic and purposeful brands that act consistently across all touchpoints. From top-level strategy to the behavior of your frontend staff. And from your visual identity to your commercial communication. Through our integrated approach we develop your corporate brand from three perspectives: Culture, design and communication.

Cultural change and strategy development

By defining your purpose, we create a meaningful business and brand strategy. Through anthropological methods we analyze your potentials from internal and customer perspectives. We implement changes that help the organization live the brand and integrate new behavior in everyday business.

Designing your visual and digital brand

We create a visual image that expresses your strengths and shape the perception of your company. We develop and design every touchpoint to express your identity and engage your audience in your brand experience. We ensure consistency across all your platforms and situations.

Communicating your brand creatively

We build your brand image by communicating strategically across digital and physical platforms. Telling the stories that show who you are and what your purpose is, makes your brand stand out in the market. We plan and execute your media and campaign efforts in a way that is both authentic and creative.


Cultural Change and Strategy

  • Mapping company strengths and potentials
  • Image analysis through customer and user studies
  • Corporate strategy and purpose development
  • Core narrative, vision and value formulation
  • Naming and positioning strategy
  • Cultural change program
  • Brand book and company brand school


  • Corporate visual identity – logo, typography and design guide
  • Customer experience and interaction design
  • Website, e-commerce and mobile interaction
  • Magazines, books, annual reports and brochures
  • Retail experience and spacial design


  • Messaging, content and media strategy
  • Cross-channel communications and marketing campaigns
  • Social media content and campaigns
  • Video, animation and motion graphics
  • Public relations, editorial and press
  • Events, exhibitions and conferences

We build authentic brands in five successive steps

We dive deep to understand who you are

We believe your organization holds more potential than what appears at first sight. That's why we spend time and energy mapping the strengths of the organization before we define a new strategy or the companys purpose. Ethnographic fieldwork and anthropological analysis helps us understand behaviours, preferences and culturally conditioned mindsets of customers and users.
Deep cultural insights will benefit your ability to see and define future scenarios that add value to your market by using the needs of your customers and the authentic strengths of your organization.

We develop scenarios for your future strategy

Companies with a deeply rooted purpose and a clear strategy perform above the market average. We help formulate strategy scenarios that help understand the possible future directions of your business. By unfolding narratives, actions and consequences of each possible direction we enable executives of better understanding the alternatives ahead.
The benefit of understanding the strategy of your business before deciding the direction is, you know what kind of change it will take and what you and your organization will do when you start implementing your new strategy.

We help you implement your brand strategy

We transform strategy into actionable initiatives and we help set up training, structural changes, corporate academies, brand schools and design new services. We want you to see your brand as a way of making decisions and actions in the everyday life of the company.
The benefit of embedding your new brand in your organizational culture and the attitudes and behaviours of the staff is, you are likely to succeed in living and delivering the brand rather than just talk about it.

We create your visual appearance

We understand business strategy and we speak design fluently. That means we can translate business advantages into a corporate visual identity and express both the tangible and emotional benefits of your corporate brand in your visual, digital and spacial image.
The benefit of creating or redesigning your corporate visual identity is that your brand will appear bold, contemporary and likeable. The essense of your brand idea will be understood not only through your claims and your messages but intuitively through shapes, colors, images and the overall visuality of your business.

We will get your message out there

The purpose, culture and visual identity is the basis of an effective brand. But you need to get the messages out into the market and tell your story. We help plan and create marketing campaigns and proactive public relations initiatives in order to get your story across to your audience – nomatter if your stakeholders are customers, residents, users, fans or shareholders.
Effective external communication will also benefit the development of your business by effecting your organization internally. External communication can multiply the effectiveness of cultural changes and help you sustain the brand idea within the organization.

1 Culture
2 Strategy
3 Change
4 Design
5 Communication