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We create purposeful brands

We are a strategic brand agency with a narrow focus on identity and a wide set of skills. We help private and public companies, organizations and cities transform into purposeful and relevant brands.

Every company has the potential to develop a strong brand and strategy that will help the company develop, grow and prosper. We help you make that transformation from the inside out, as we strongly believe that you have to know who you are and act in line with it.

The most vibrant and successful companies use their heritage in a meaningful way, they have a strong purpose and they are extremely good at communicating who they are

How to transform your brand?

The management book The Authentic Company conceptualizes organizational authenticity and how to use it in leadership in order to innovate, streamline and create extraordinary results that will transform the company into a purposeful brand.

Nikolaj Stagis has interviewed and challenged executives and owners of some of the world’s most successful brands. René Redzepi from Noma talks about the quest for Nordic food and the journey from outsider to worldclass. We also discover how Jørgen Vig Knudstorp from Lego and Jan Ryde from Hästens have redeemed the companies potential by rediscovering and reconstructing the companies’ authentic identity. This journey of discovery has transformed the organizations into purposeful brands.

"How to create authenticity in companies is still in its infancy, but Nikolaj Stagis fills in many gaps with his insightful book. Pay special attention to his words: Find your company's authentic identity and help it live out its inner strengths"

B. Joseph Pine II
Author of The Experience Economy, Authenticity and Infinite Possibility

"The authentic company is an exciting piece that asks the manager to look inwards instead of spending time on market analysis and excel sheets."

Berlingske Business
Henrik Ørholt, reviewer and business commentator

"How do we focus on developing our business by focusing on the internal strengths? The book's many tools for the journey is an absolute advantage, which can be used both by the organization's leaders, HR department, or marketing and communications department."

Henrik Jørgensen, independent advisor

"Stagis' project is both inspiring and sympathetic. In noisy times, companies have every reason to look inwards for the fundamental values that can be justified historically or ethically - and which are actually not up for discussion. "

Kresten Schultz Jørgensen, communications advisor

"There is no contradiction between thinking reflectively and be commercially oriented in ones actions. There is no contradiction between using the past actively and influencing the future. Much thinking in the management literature works with simplistic opposites. This book does the opposite. It demonstrates how many of the leading companies become authentic."

Majken Schultz
Professor at Copenhagen Business School

"Authenticity may seem like a vague idea. However, as Nikolaj Stagis strongly demonstrates a company's ability to understand and express itself can have a significant impact on both employees and customers. Authenticity is the essential source of relevance and success."

Dr. Nicholas Ind
Author of "Living the Brand"

"It is always essential to provide added value for the customer, when you want to grow your business. To create value and an authentic position in the market, you have to understand the company's authentic identity. This is the best book ever written about organizational authenticity."

Jan Ryde
Owner and chairman of the board at Hästens

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Talks and workshops with Nikolaj Stagis

Our talks and workshops provide managers and employees with the opportunity to work with their authentic identity and to discover the organization’s potentials. Nikolaj Stagis provides you with practical models and challenging questions to help you develop your company and leadership. He inspires with cases where managers have created exceptional results by exploring the authentic strengths of their organization and transfer the branding tools for you to use in your own company.


It was a really interesting and relevant talk that got us thinking how we can work with our purpose and strengths. Participant
Innovation talk with business customers at Danske Bank

Inner strengths transform the company Nikolaj Stagis

Nikolaj Stagis gives his presentation on authenticity at a conference for MBA Alumni ESADE in Barcelona. The participants are MBA students, professors and business leaders.

Conference: The Authentic Company – review

Peter Kreiner, Noma, Andreas Braun, BMW, Majken Schultz, CBS, Astrid Gade Nielsen, Arla and Casper Vorting, Bøgedal ,evaluates their dividend of the conference The Authentic Company.

The Authentic Company Nikolaj Stagis

Nikolaj Stagis presents his inspirational book The Authentic Company at the launch in the Stock Exchange Building in Copenhagen.